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IntelliTouch Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

Elo’s IntelliTouch Plus touchscreens, are the pictureperfect, precision touch solution for high-use applications requiring dual touch capability. The IntelliTouch Plus touch solution is based upon proven surface acoustic wave technology with over 20 years of reliable performance and millions of installations around the world. Three axes of touch information are used to precisely discern two simultaneous touch locations anywhere on the screen, thereby overcoming many of the drawbacks of other multi-touch technologies. Meeting test criteria for Windows 7 Additional Qualification (AQ) compliance, IntelliTouch Plus technology enables Windows 7 users to interact with their computing system with Windows 7 multi-touch gesture recognition.


■ Patented IntelliTouch Plus touch technology

■ Available in standard and wide formats—7" to 32" diagonal

■ Clear and anti-glare surface finishes available

■ Custom screen designs available


■ Fast, accurate dual-touch response

■ Reliable surface acoustic wave touch technology

■ Pure-glass construction for excellent image clarity, resolution, and light transmission

■ Durable, scratch-resistant glass continues to work even if scratched

■ Stable drift-free operation

■ Finger, gloved hand, and soft stylus activation


■ Desktop Touch Computers, All-in-One (AiO) and Touch Monitors

■ Point of information kiosks

■ Vending and ticket sales

■ Gaming, lottery, and amusement

■ Multimedia marketing

■ Banking and financial transactions

■ Industrial control rooms


■ Moving liquids or solid contaminants may cause false touches or non-touch areas until completely removed

■ Dirt and water seal can be difficult

■ Typically wide border

■ Limited to 1 or 2 resolvable points (depending on manufacturer)

IntelliTouch Pro Projected Capacitive (PCAP)

The Elo IntelliTouch® Pro-G Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology offers a fast and sensitive response and professional-grade reliability combined with a stylish, sleek design. Elo IntelliTouch Pro-G PCAP is designed for the rigors of commercial applications.

The glass-glass solution (2GS) offers pristine optical clarity, high touch durability and long term stability over temperature. IntelliTouch Pro-G is available in standard screen sizes up to 27-inches with 10-point multi-touch capabilities.

Elo offers a complete PCAP solution including touch screen, controller, drivers for various operating systems and software utilities resulting in shorter development and integration time. The complete integration guide provides guidelines to simplify integration and avoid typical issues such as EMI from sources such as the power supply or LCD screen.

Elo also offers a wide range of customization options to meet your requirements including screen dimensions, cover glass thickness, LCD bonding, branding and surface treatments such as anti-glare.


■ 10-point multi-touch

■ Fast and sensitive touch response

■ Pristine optical clarity

■ Long-term stable operation over temperature

■ Optional surface treatments such as anti-glare


■ Interactive digital signage

■ Gaming and lottery terminals

■ Industrial automation

■ Medical equipment

■ Transportation kiosks

■ POS solutions

■ Self-service/service automation


■ More complex electronics and sensor construction when compared to other technologies

■ Does not have full stylus independence support

iTouch Plus

iTouch Plus Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touchscreen couples zero-bezel design with multi-touch functionality. iTouch Plus technology has passed the Microsoft Windows 7 Multi-touch additional qualification (AQ) testing requirements. It is the result of optimizing a trusted technology —SAW—to enhance industrial design, touch performance and reliability, ease of touchscreen system integration, and bill of material cost. The iTouch zero-bezel SAW offers the ability to realize a seamless, flat, frameless design that can be coupled with customization capabilities where logos, clear icons and other enhancements can be added during the design cycle. Industrial designers are no longer limited by a bezel or frames that are inherent in other touch technologies such as camera or optical touch.

iTouch Plus solutions offer a simple bill of material, a less complex manufacturing and touchscreen integration process, and less capital investment than projective capacitive technologies. This results in a more cost competitive touchscreen solution. The electronics can scale across a wide range of screen sizes, without performance degradation, which contributes to the iTouch Plus touchscreen technology being the choice of selection without concern of designin touch performance issues. iTouch Plus is based on SAW technology which is proven in the industry as reliable touch technology for long-life applications with a near zero field return rate on touch technology related issues. This new technology is available today to OEMs who are looking for a reliable, frameless, cost competitive custom touchscreen solution.


■ Proprietary iTouch Plus technology

■ Supports dual touch

■ Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

■ Available in standard and wide format, 7-inch to 32- inch diagonal

■ Pure glass construction


■ Completely flat touchscreen offers sleek, refined appearance

■ No bezel required for easy integration into touchmonitors, touch computers or other devices

■ Same fast, accurate, and stable touch performance as IntelliTouch Plus

■ No known wear-out mechanism


■ Desktop touch computers, All-in-One (AiO) and touch monitors

■ Desktop multi-media device with display

■ Point of information kiosks

■ Vending and ticket sales

■ Gaming, lottery, and amusement

■ Multimedia marketing

■ Banking and financial transactions

■ Industrial control rooms

SecureTouch Surface Wave

Elo's SecureTouch touchscreens are the preferred touch solution for high-threat environments and indoor applications demanding rugged durability. SecureTouch touchscreens deliver high impact resistance; the durable screen comes in fully tempered, heat or chemically strengthened glass that continues to work even if scratched. With their stable, drift-free operation, the SecureTouch touchscreens are well suited for high usage environments and provides a touch response that is accurate. SecureTouch touchscreens are the ideal touch solution for kiosks in high-threat indoor environments, ticketing machines, interactive pay phones, and gaming machines.


■ High impact resistance

■ Continues to work even if scratched

■ Stable, drift-free operation

■ 10-year limited warranty


■ Kiosks in high-threat environments

■ Ticketing machines

■ Interactive pay phones

■ Gaming machines

Surface Capacitive

Elo’s Surface Capacitive touchscreens are a reliable resource for the capacitive options currently available— and from a world-class manufacturer. They are ideal for use in gaming and casino applications, especially bar-top and slot machine installations.

Elo has utilized over 35 years of design knowledge and applied it to a completely new capacitive touchscreen product line. Elo’s narrow, patented Z-borders yield an inherently linear sensor. The transparent protective coating makes the sensor resistant to scratches and abrasions. Touch performance is unaffected by everyday abuse and mishaps such as dirt, dust, condensation, liquid spills, contaminants or cleaning solutions. Yet the surface capacitive touchscreens respond quickly and easily with excellent dragging performance.

Elo’s capacitive touchscreens deliver the quality touch response you would expect from Elo.


■ Elo patented narrow Z-border electrode pattern for greater linearity

■ Rear back shield for reliable operation

■ Fast, sensitive touch response with excellent dragging performance

■ Compatible with industry standard protocols including Elo’s SmartSet protocol


■ Gaming/Amusement

■ Point-of-Sale terminals (POS)

■ Kiosks


■ Supports only finger or tethered pen

■ Severe scratch can affect operation within the damaged area

■ Limited to one resolvable point with gesture capability

CarrolTouch Infrared

Elo’s CarrollTouch infrared touchscreens provide optical sensor technology for applications in harsh or glass-free environments. The next-generation design features a lowprofile 4.5 mm bezel with nearly pixel-level touch resolution and no parallax, and operates in extreme temperature, shock and vibration, and lighting conditions. The display is protected by a choice of glass or acrylic overlays optimized for optical clarity, security, or safety. With their optical sensors, the CarrollTouch touchscreens provide stable, drift-free operation, and deliver an extremely sensitive, accurate touch response. CarrollTouch touchscreens are the ideal choice in many industrial automation, transportation, and in-vehicle applications, POS terminals, and medical equipment.


■ Low profile, high resolution

■ No parallax

■ Highest clarity

■ High durability, vandal resistance, and safety

■ Sealable from contaminants

■ Operates in extreme environments


■ Food processing

■ Industrial automation

■ Medical equipment

■ In-vehicle and transportation

■ Point-of-sale (POS) terminals

Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR)

Elo’s Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) touchscreens use a completely new and unique way of sensing touches on a display. Consisting only of a glass overlay mounted in front of the display, together with a small electronic controller board, Elo’s APR technology provides a new set of benefits that have only been partially achieved before by other touch technologies.

APR combines the ultimate in optical qualities, durability, and stability of surface wave (SAW) and infrared technologies, with the excellent dragging properties of capacitive, along with stylus, glove and fingernail activation, and low cost advantages of resistive technology. In addition, it is resistant to water and other contaminants on the screen, can be scaled from PDA to 42-inch displays, and provides palm rejection during signature capture.

As with many of the best inventions in history, APR works in a simple and elegant way—by recognizing the sound created when the glass is touched at a given position. Elo TouchSystems, the global leader in resistive and acoustic touch technology for over 35 years, is expanding APR technology across a wide range of markets and applications.


■ Optics and durability of pure glass

■ Works with finger, glove, pen, credit card

■ Resistant to water, dust, grease

■ No wear-out mechanism

■ Works even with scratches

■ Excellent drag performance

■ Sealable to NEMA 4/IP 65 standards

■ One time factory calibration, no drift

■ Thin borders—only 5mm

■ True flat surface

■ Small and large sizes

■ Palm rejection for signature capture


■ Restaurant and hospitality automation

■ Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals

■ Pharmacy automation

■ Industrial automation

■ Office automation

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