Zebra MC33 series now have models with RFID reader built-in

Zebra Technologies announced the release of the MC3330R and MC3390R the latest editions to their Data Capture Solutions portfolio.

Built on the same platform as the successful MC3300 range, these new devices combine the strength of Zebra’s MCD, RFID and Scanning technologies into one powerful data capture solution.

The MC3330R

With a mid-range, circular antenna, it is ideally suited to capturing bulk data in the retail, data centre and healthcare markets. Using Zebra’s high-performance ASIC radio technology, the MC3330R can read up to 900 tags a second up to a read range of 6 metres. Using Geiger counter mode, tagged items can be easily located.

As a scanner, the MC3330R leverages Zebra’s power 2D scanning technology, enabling the capture of barcode information, even when barcodes are damaged, dirty, scratched or poorly printed.

The MC3390R

With a long-range linear Yagi antenna and a choice of mid or long-range scan engine options, the MC3390R is ideally suited to semi-industrial applications in supply-chain, warehousing and manufacturing environments.

Just like the MC3330R, the MC3390R uses the same high-performance ASIC radio technology, capturing up to 900 tags a second. As a long-range RFID reader, it reads tags up to 18.2m away and with the long-range scan capability, the MC3390R can capture barcodes at up to 21.4m distance!

App Development

Built on the same Android O/S as the MC3300, app development can be streamlined using a single Zebra SDK, common with other RFID readers and full fleet roll-out which are supported with Xamarin. This makes these devices ideal for integrators who need reliable and versatile technology to meet diverse customer requirements.

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