Zebra VC80x - put the power of Android in your warehouse vehicles

As Microsoft will reach end of life for support for Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld beginning in 2018 through 2020, you are aware that it’s time to start planning the move to Android. With the VC80x, you can easily migrate your material handling vehicles to Android without changing the experience they have in place today — no re-training, re-configuration, or development is required. By adding Android to your warehouse vehicles, you get a well-proven mobility platform, guaranteed security support, as well as a shared OS and solution platform with other Zebra Android handheld and wearable devices deployed in the warehouse. And the VC80x offers an ultra-rugged compact platform, a freezer-ready option, as well as comprehensive features and options to boost productivity and task accuracy.
Run your current apps — no changes needed
You may be concerned about how migrating to Android will impact your current operations. But the VC80x offers a clear and simple path to Android. Since Ivanti Velocity is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, the VC80x can run existing terminal emulation (TE) screens or HTML5 apps, right out of the box. There’s no need to change the backend or re-train workers.
Freezer-ready for the coldest supply chains
The VC80x is the only Android vehicle computer to offer true frost and condensation free operation with touchscreen, connectors, board and battery heaters, plus smart temperature sensors that automatically control heater and heating speed.
OS security and long term support
Only from Zebra, LifeGuard™ for Android guarantees direct security updates for a total of 10 years from the release date, along with the ability to upgrade to future versions of Android (requires an active service contract).
Get more value with Mobility DNA
Only Zebra fortifies Android with powerful Mobility DNA features. You get more off-the shelf end-user apps, robust administration utilities and development tools. The result? Lightning-fast app and device integration, simplified upgrades and less burden on IT teams.
Optional heated, rugged keyboard
If you prefer full keyboard operations, you can mount the optional rugged keyboard to the bottom of the VC80x. Its internal heater ensures frost and condensation free operation in freezing temperatures.
Superior Wi-Fi connections
The VC80x is the only device in its class to support 802.11ac (three times higher hroughput
than 802.11n) and 802.11r (fast roaming technology). The VC80x radio driver is owned by Zebra and optimized for vehicle applications, so vehicle operators will stay connected to the apps and data they need as they move throughout the facility.
Ultra high bright (1,000 NITs) display option
You can choose either 1,000 NITs for a super bright screen that is easy to see outdoors or 400 NITs for indoor operation. No other Android vehicle computer offers the ultra bright option. Wideband audio over Bluetooth The VC80x is the only device in its class to offer Wideband audio over Bluetooth to support voice-directed applications.
Superior voice and audio support
The VC80x is designed for voice in the loudest environments. A very loud front facing speaker and instantly accessible volume control make it easy to hear scanner feedback and app notifications. The VC80x also supports modern voice applications through an optional Speaker/Mic.
Quick release mounting within 10 seconds
A 10-second quick release mount makes it easy to move the VC80x to another vehicle during vehicle maintenance or device repair.
Repairable, right on the spot
Since the touch screen, bezel keys and UPS battery are field replaceable, there are fewer trips to the service depot — increasing device availability.
Pair Bluetooth devices in a split second
With a quick scan of the pairing barcode printed directly on the VC80x, workers can instantly pair their Zebra cordless scanner.

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